Silk NuitSilk Nuit aims to mix ease and comfort into a feminine, elegant look, adhering to any woman’s sense of style and grace. Each of our collections comprises limited edition items, finely crafted in our Bucharest workshop. By combining classic and modern features, our pieces stand the test of time and stay up to date even as fashion trends continue to change.


How Silk Nuit came to be

Silk Nuit took shape during the pandemic, when each of us realized the importance of the time spent at home, but most of all, that this time should be well spent, and at ease with oneself. It was created to meet a need that everyone was feeling, but was left unexpressed.

Our mission is to offer women an alternative for a restful night’s sleep, as well as a comfortable option for any moment of the day. 

Our goal is for every woman with a love of beauty, who wishes to keep up with the latest fashion trends, to see herself in our mix of styles and feel special just the way it is. We wish to make an active contribution to our customers’ sense of self-worth and fulfillment, by providing an opportunity for them to feel bold and unique.

Silk Nuit is a brand created by a woman for women. Our work is inspired by the challenges we know women face in their day to day lives, as well as their interests, whether as students, mothers, wives, business women, or any other roles or professions they may have. 

What we value:

  • inclusiveness: each of us is unique, special, perfect in our own way. This is why our items of clothing are meant for everybody, and can be worn by any woman regardless of her preferred style;
  • awareness: we understand the importance of protecting our environment. Accordingly, our collections come in limited editions, as we do not wish to produce more than what is needed, therefore contributing to the reduction of textile waste.
  • sustainability: when creating the items in our workshop we use only sustainable fabrics which are long-lasting, keep up with fashion trends and can be worn for longer periods of time, for the specific purpose of protecting the environment. 

Silk Nuit is the brand that lets your imagination roam free: you can wear our items in the evening to go to sleep, in your free time spent at home, and even when going out, as a casual outfit. 

Feel comfortable in your own skin and wear whatever makes you feel like yourself! 


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